Dog Poo Tree

1,000 tonnes of poo is generated every day in Britain

Councils' dog mess crackdown as 1,000 tonnes of poo is generated every day in Britain.

The boom of people buying dogs in lockdown has led to an explosion in dog poo, ITV News Consumer Editor Chris Choi asks councils how they are dealing with the problem 

Read in ITV News:

It is interesting isn't it? Dog fouling revolts just about everyone, it really does.  There isn't one scenario where it is acceptable but yet the problem still doesn't have a solution that works with everyone.

Some people actively go out without any intention to pick up their poochs mess, others forget the bag with good intention and just get caught short.

The only thing that is guaranteed is that a dog will poo at least 4 times a day.

Why hang it from a tree?

Why leave it in a plastic bag?

I had one discussion recently with a buyer from a very well known convenience store, that prides itself on sustainability, they won't sell compostable dog waste bags as the risk of disease from the dog poo itself was too high.

I was actually stuck for words.  

If they sold 10 packs of 60 plastic bags a week, that is 600 plastic bags.

They will take over 500 years to begin to break down, leaving microplastics and toxins in the soil.  

The annual weight of those plastic bags is approximately 114kilos a year per store, given that 1 kilo of single pastic generates 6kg of carbon, they single handidly pump out  would generate 686,400 kilos of carbon. (assumptions on a per store basis) This retailer has 100's of C-Stores.

So not only will those dog poos be in circulation (well the majority of them) for over 500 years (you dog poo will out live your dog by generations), not only will the plastic poison the ground, but annually they are making significant carbon footprint by selling them.


That is a good start!

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