The problem ⬇️

  • Littering
  • Dog Fouling
  • More pressure on councils to keep green spaces clean
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Our Solutions ✅

  • We provide environmental stations to help councils tackle the dog fouling and littering epidemic, dispensing 100% compostable bags FREE to the public.

  • We generate press and social media coverage, showcasing the positive steps councils are putting in place with the launch of our stations.

  • The stations are funded by PSPO budget sor by local and national sponsorship.

  • We support communities by bringing together councils, community groups and businesses in one environmental project.

  • Plus, we plant trees! For every station installed we plant a tree, promoting biodiversity and sequestering carbon for years to come.

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  • Mark Francis

    "This initative encourages the thousands of dog owners across Uckfield to take responsibility for cleaning up after their pets when cut short with missing bags. Since the inital installation, we have seen a reduction in dog fouling within these locations."

  • Tim Oxley

    "Between 2017-2020, we have seen a 30% reduction in reported dog fouling cases."

  • Stephen Palmer

    "The stations have benefited the council not only with a reduction in dog-fouling, but it also brings co-operation between us as a council and individual town councils and volunteer groups as they often take delivery of the bags and refill the stations as and when needed"

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