Petplan Renews Contract with Eco Green Communities

Petplan Renews Contract for the 3rd Year Consecutively - Help Push Cleaner, Responsible Dog Ownership

In partnership with Petplan, the UK's no.1 pet insurer, Surrey Heath Borough Council, Didcot Town Council and West Berkshire District Council are continuing to work together to bring awareness to support responsible dog ownership by helping owners clean up after their pets in the local community.

With the maintenance of 100 stations across the 3 council areas, this exciting partnership continues to support and provide FREE compostable, biodegradable waste bags to dog walkers. This not only helps to keep the local communities clean but also reduces the negative impact of dog waste on the environment.

The project aims to reduce dog fouling in hot-spots' and popular dog walking areas, whilst taking the pressure from the council, putting ownership of waste back to the individual. The environmental stations allow for those moments where owners may have forgotten or simply run out of bags.

The stations are sponsored by local and national businesses, with Petplan renewing their support to keep green space clean, proving the impact of this partnership to be highly significant towards environmental health.

New 2023 Branding on Petplan Dog Stations

Bella von Mesterhazy, Sales & Marketing Director at Petplan, says: "As the UK's largest pet insurer we have been supporting dog owners for over 40 years. We champion responsible pet ownership and this includes clearing up after your dog. We know as dog owners ourselves that there are times when that poo bag just isn't in your pocket so we wanted to help provide a solution that supports dog owners and local councils in tackling this problem.

"We are delighted to partner with Eco Green Communities to provide an environmentally conscious solution, to ensure dog waste is disposed of in a sustainable and planet-friendly manner. By supplying FREE, 100% compostable waste bags to dog owners, we also hope we can work with local people to protect, enhance, and enjoy our beautiful green and open spaces."

Petplan are positively impacting the planet with the help of stations supplier Eco Green Communities.

The use of compostable bags has a huge positive environmental impact; the bags would normally have been plastic taking hundreds of years to degrade - only 6 months for the compostable bag.

Just 1 kilo of this plastic would create 6 kilos of carbon, ultimately entering the earth's atmosphere. This means that so far Eco Green Communities with Petplan have saved the planet 9.2 tonnes of carbon.

Quote from Surrey Heath/Didcot and West Berkshire to be obtained said, "In 2018 we ran a pilot with the Eco Green Communities to provide environmental stations that dispensed certified compostable dog waste bags, we started with 10 stations. The positive impact that the project has brought to the area has been significant.

"With the involvement of Petplan as a sponsor for this project, it ensures that this is not only a zero cost to the council budget, but significantly impacts the community and the local environment positively by reducing litter, dog fouling, reducing single use plastic bags.

"Green spaces have never been more important, and we are keen to continue supporting people to make the right choice."

If companies want to support their local area and get involved, please contact Eco Green Communities with the information below, who have projects throughout London looking for brands to connect to communities.

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Julie from Eco Green Communities Petplan Press Office
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