Surrey Heath Borough Council renews with Eco Green Communities

Surrey Heath Borough Council has had a successful partnership with Eco Green Communities since 2017. The project targeted to have a positive impact on the issue of dog fouling and generally clean up the public spaces in Surrey Heath. They are renewing their contract and are looking for sponsors to support the renewed venture.

Eco Green Communities offer environmental dog stations and litter picking stations to councils. Surrey Heath currently has 80 stations in operation at various locations.
Surrey Heath Portfolio Holder for Environment and Health Cllr David Mansfield said: “This initiative encourages the thousands of dog owners across Surrey Heath to take responsibility for cleaning up after their pets."

“Since the initial installation of the TiksPac stations, now provided by Eco Green Communities, we have seen a reduction in dog fouling within those locations. We hope the introduction of the QR code on the stations to allow efficient refilling will improve the service further.” 

The environmental stations allow for those moments where owners may have forgotten or simply run out of bags. This means that not having a bag is no longer a valid excuse. The stations dispense 100% compostable bags encouraging behavioural change and reducing single-use plastic.

The 26 councils that Eco Green Communities works with have dispensed an impressive 6 million bags. Surrey Heath has used more than 500,000 of those bags. The project benefits the whole community as it serves to educate and empower the individual to make the right choice. The power is put back in the hands of the community which in turn alleviates the pressure from the councils.

Julie Cook, Director of Eco Green Communities, commented: “By erecting these stations councils are helping to reduce dog fouling which is a perennial problem for many local authorities.”

“Numerous studies show that people are more likely to drop litter in areas where there are already high volumes of rubbish, including dog waste. Where litter levels are low, people are more likely to dispose of all types of waste responsibly.”

“A survey of councils we are working with has shown that where the stations are installed there is an average decrease in dog fouling complaints of 49.4% and a 56.8% decrease in overall litter. This is an extremely positive result”

An important way to support the venture is through sponsorship. Eco Green Communities offers an exclusive cost-effective advertising opportunity positioned on the front of these popular and well-used eco stations. It is also a great way to boost your companies CSR (Corporate social responsibility) by directly having a positive impact on the community. If your company wants to support your local area and get involved, please contact Eco Green Communities with the information below.

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