Buddy & Lola Dog Bag Dispensing Station

The Value of Big Brand Sponsorship


The solution that we provide for dog fouling and littering is a curious one.  

When it comes to Out Door Advertising, Brands may well questions the why factor, if of course, they can only link the conversation to the problem.

Imagine strolling through an award winning park or woodland and coming across a station where a brand that you connect with is promoting that you do the right thing, pick up your litter, and here is a bag for you to do so.

That brand is giving, it is supporting the natural environment, it is educating people to do the right thing, it is provoking conversation with the user just by simply being there.  It is making a difference.

With the uptake of QR codes, communication is possible and data collection.

Why would a brand not want that visibility in that exclusive space? So many brands claim Social Value activity, but many activities are tick boxes and not measurable.

What do you get if you sponsor a station or a project?

  • Full station out door ad space
  • Data collection 
  • Carbon offset with trees purchased and further investment into environmental projects
  • PR and media opportunity
  • Case study for impact

Why would you not? 



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