Eco Green Community secures tender with New Forest District Council

Eco Green Community secures tender with New Forest District Council


Eco Green Communities Unveils Innovative Litter Bag Dispensers: Join the Movement to Preserve New Forest's Natural Beauty

Ringwood, New Forest - February 28, 2024 - Eco Green Communities is thrilled to announce the launch of the "Look Out For Our Forest" (LOFOF) campaign, an inspiring initiative aimed at fostering a litter-free environment in the picturesque New Forest area. With the vital support of the Ringwood Business community, we are rallying individuals to play an integral role in championing this endeavor towards a cleaner and more enchanting Forest.

James Healy, Litter Project Coordinator at New Forest District Council, expresses enthusiasm, stating, “This project is pivotal in driving change, educating individuals about responsible practices, and forging stronger connections between businesses and the community. We are eagerly anticipating the positive impact of this project as it unfolds throughout the summer.”

The LOFOF campaign endeavors to empower Forest visitors, whether locals or tourists, to take ownership of their litter by urging them to carry it home. Recognizing the challenges faced by New Forest District Council (NFDC) in maintaining public bins, the campaign advocates for a paradigm shift towards personal accountability and environmental stewardship.

NFDC, in collaboration with esteemed local partners like Go New Forest, spearheads the charge of social responsibility. Together, we aspire to make responsible litter disposal a seamless choice for visitors through a combination of awareness-building, incentives, and improved access to disposal options.

The Dispenser Project: A Cornerstone Initiative

At the core of the LOFOF campaign lies the Dispenser Project, which entails the strategic installation of litter bag dispensers across Ringwood. These stations serve as tangible reminders for individuals to dispose of their litter responsibly. Taking inspiration from the highly successful Coastal Crabby project, the Dispenser Project aims to replicate its effectiveness within Ringwood.

We cordially invite businesses, organizations, and charities to sponsor these stations, which will feature branded litter bag dispensers accompanied by a two-year supply of compostable bags. Sponsorship contributions will further support advertising endeavors and facilitate essential data collection for the project's expansion.

Sponsorship Benefits:

- Exclusive Outdoor Advertising: Customized branding on dispensers, reflecting your organization's values.

- Visibility and Recognition as an Environmentally Conscious Entity.

- Two points towards your Go New Forest Green Leaf score (applicable to Go New Forest members).

- Opportunity for Continued Involvement in Future Expansion Projects.

- Local PR and Media Coverage to highlight company participation in the project.

- Carbon Neutral Commitment.

Additional Campaign Initiatives:

- Signage & Branding: Establishing a recognizable brand synonymous with litter responsibility, showcased across various mediums for widespread impact.

- The Coastal Crabby Project: Serving as inspiration for the LOFOF campaign, emphasizing the efficacy of behaviorally led litter projects.

- The Roadside Project: An upcoming campaign targeting roadside litter, engaging road users in efforts to mitigate environmental impact.

By supporting the LOFOF campaign, you are not only enhancing your organization's reputation but also actively contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable New Forest.

For sponsorship inquiries or further information, please contact [Contact Person/Department] at [Email Address/Phone Number].

Together, let's pave the way for a litter-free future in the New Forest.

About Eco Green Communities:

Eco Green Communities is a leading advocate for environmental sustainability, dedicated to creating greener and cleaner communities through innovative initiatives and collaborative partnerships.



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