Douglas Council renews contract with Eco Green Communities

Douglas council members stand near Eco Green Communities station
Douglas Council has had a successful partnership with Eco Green Communities since 2017. The project aimed to have a positive impact on the issue of dog fouling and generally clean up the public spaces in Douglas. They are renewing their contract and are looking for sponsors to support the renewed venture.

Eco Green Communities offer eco dog stations and litter picking stations to councils. Douglas currently has 12 stations in operation at various locations, however, are looking to implement more stations at a later date, as the project has been a success for them. The stations come at no cost to the councils, with costs covered by sponsors. The 100% compostable waste bags dispensed from the stations are free of charge to the public, eliminating the need for single-use plastic bags and tackling the dog fouling crisis.

Environmental Services Committee Chair Councillor Ritchie McNicholl “The council invests considerable time and money into creating green open spaces across the Borough. We therefore welcomed the opportunity to partner with Eco Green Communities and put in place a measure to combat the anti-social behaviour of failing to pick up after your dog. Creating a cleaner environment is about civic pride and quality of life and we are pleased to be associated with a company that shares our vision.”

The locations of the stations were chosen following reports from the Council’s Borough Warden team and alerts from members of the public. These were identified as a list of dog fouling ‘hot-spots’ and stations were implemented. The 26 Councils that Eco Green Communities works with have dispensed an impressive 6 million bags so far. Douglas Council has used 80,000 of those bags.

Ritchie McNicholl went on to say, “since the Council installed the stations some two years ago there has been a noticeable reduction in dog fouling. Users soon became familiar with the stations and feedback has been encouragingly positive”

An important way to support the venture is through sponsorship. Eco Green Communities offers an exclusive cost-effective advertising opportunity positioned on the front of these popular and well-used eco stations. It is also a great way to boost a company’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) by directly having a positive impact on the community. If your company wants to support your local area and get involved, please contact Eco Green Communities with the button below!
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