Collection: TubeSac System

ubeSac is a long tube of 3 layer co-extruded PE where you yourself decide the size of the bag by using a cable tie or knot.

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This means that the bag is always the right size for your needs, and you avoid paying for unused material, which in turn leads to lower waste and handling costs.

TubeSac is delivered as a cassette that you can easily apply to a stand and is ready for use straight away.

Highly versatile, TubeSac has many areas of use including health care, food waste and production waste.

TubeSac is ideal in environments that demand good hygiene – when handling TubeSac, you never need to touch the waste or areas that the waste may have come into contact with because it “attaches to” the next sack. By sealing the bags with cable ties, you also avoid unpleasant odours since the tie forms a completely tight seal around the bag opening.