Eco Green Communities declares end to dog fouling!

It’s a foul subject, we all hate it, dog owners and non-dog owners alike, it’s a big problem.

For innocent passers-by, the last-minute glance to just miss a mess or even worse, stepping in it or having your babies buggy rolling through it. The consequences are dire, the result is always revulsion.

For dog owners, rushing to walk their dog in the pouring rain or a pitch-black winters evening, picking up their dogs No 2 then tripping over a batch of faeces laid earlier but not collected is vile. We are disgusted – it taints our efforts as dog walkers and owners.

Then even worse, seeing the black plastic tell-tale bags, neatly tied in a knot then discarded on a tree – what a ridiculous thing to do. Why?

But then, not everyone doesn’t pick up out of laziness or spite, sometimes we just run out of bags, sometimes something goes wrong – I guess?

No excuse for plastic though eh?

We all have to poo, and it biodegrades naturally, we just don’t want to see it or walk in it. Gone are the days of humans pooing on the streets, also we have evolved enough to want hounds in our homes to bring the joys that they bring but really, we just don’t like their poo.

Evolution, inclusion and innovation bring amazing open-minded acceptance for businesses like campsites, pubs, landowners, holiday parks allowing this generation to bring their pooches on vacation too. Walk on our land, enjoy the benefits of the great outdoors, mental health and well being paramount to the inclusion of today’s society.

Then the reward can be poo….. and plastic….

It is not much to ask to pick up and do the right thing. After all, bringing the pooch on a vacation is a great saving in kennels and boarding.

28 million 100% biodegradable dog waste bags per year are dispensed through our stations, end to end will reach from here to Dubai apparently (not sure who measured that!) but it is huge. So there are 2 messages here, 1 is pick up poo and 2 is ditch the plastic.

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