Exciting sponsorship opportunities!

Eco Green Communities are offering exciting outdoor advertising opportunities to sponsors which directly gives back to their community and maximizes their brand exposure. The eco-smart exposure is extremely cost-effective with a contract of at least 12 months, giving you a lot of advertising for a very competitive price. Outdoor advertising is powerful with high levels of viewership, engagement, and consumer ad recall. Also benefitting from Corporate social responsibility (CSR) The advertising is situated on our environmental stations: dog stations or eco stations. Both stations help combat two major issues faced by councils, dog fouling and litter. The stations are well placed for passers-by to have the time to stop and absorb the messaging featured. This is unique compared to the over-saturated marketplace of outdoor advertising seen in cities and town centers. Eco Green Communities already works with many councils recently securing new advertising spaces on stations in London with the support of Parks for London. Over half of poster viewers agree poster ads stand out more than ads seen in newspapers, online, on mobile devices, or over the radio. Outdoor advertising is conquering, and we have multiple opportunities across the UK for companies looking for sponsorship. The stations are maintained by the council in the area giving your business endorsement from the local government. One of our major sponsors is Petplan, head of marketing Isabella Von Mesterhazy commented “We’re really happy to be sponsoring these stations as not only do they encourage responsible pet ownership encouraging more people to take responsibility for cleaning up after their pets, but they are good for the local community and environment too.” This advertising opportunity also helps boost and support a companies CSR model (Corporate social responsibility) This opportunity directly positively impacts the community and enhances the public spaces, showing a company’s commitment to improving the planet and the livelihoods of the people that inhabit it. The consumers decision about investing in a product or service is becoming increasingly conscious and if a company is viewed as ethical, this is a major selling point. It also helps to reduce the amount of single-use plastic associated with dog bags. Our stations are fully stocked and refilled with 100% certified compostable bags. By providing free compostable bags to the public there is no excuse for allowing a pet to foul in a public space. A clean public space also helps improve the people in the community’s mental health and wellbeing. These are two hot topics (mental health and the environment) being targeted with one advertising opportunity. It is a win-win for everyone involved. For each station erected, Eco Green Communities will also plant a tree in a registered forest or other appropriate site, gifting directly back to the community and helping promote biodiversity. Nielsen 2017 Poster Advertising study Click here to find out more!
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