Collection: Recycled Plastic Planters

Gone are the days of square, boring, concrete planters. Our innovative and vibrant selection of recycled plastic planters (these come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors) are great for a variety of places. Ideal for green space, parks, schools and businesses, our planter line is built to last and requires little or no maintenance. Our collection of durable and reusable, environmentally friendly planters are constructed from recycled plastic. They come in a variety of colors and shapes, including round and square. Manufactured in UK with wood-grain textures, these planters offer an attractive appearance as well as long-lasting function. Available in different sizes and styles, our planters can be used for schools, parks and green spaces and businesses. Dependable and extremely cost-effective, our recycled planters are designed for long-lasting performance. With a variety of shapes and sizes, we offer something for every project, from smaller garden planters to large commercial installations. We are committed to helping you create and maintain beautiful green spaces. Don't have time to till and plant? No problem! Our recycled plastic planters are great way to add greenery without the hassle. These durable planters don't fade or crack like wood, and they never need replacing. Don't let uninspired wood or plastic planters detract from the beauty of your plants. These recycled plastic planters are a colorful and functional alternative to traditional planters made from wood or synthetic materials. With a range of shapes, sizes and colors to choose from, you will find the perfect fit for your project.