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Recycled Plastic signs are a perfect option for parks, schools and business locations that want to create awareness of the environment. Our Recycled plastic signs will be a fun way to add color and interest as well as set the mood for your green space. Green space and public spaces are more beautiful when they're landscaped with beautiful, colorful, eco-friendly recycled plastic signs. Eco Green Communities collection of decorative green space signs. Solid and sturdy, these signs are perfect for parks, schools, sports venues and more. They do not rust or corrode, are weather resistant and may be recycled at the end of their lives. That's right, we've taken old plastic, melted it down and made something new! Our recycled plastic signs are extremely durable and versatile. Great for Identification, safety signs and information, info boards, direction signs, directional displays, trail boards, direction pointers, wayfinding and walkway support. Earth continues to be depleted, only 3% of our planet is suitable for human settlement, 70% is desert and arid land and 30% of the oceans are spoiled by sewage and chemical waste. In order to ensure our survival and protect this precious space, we must continue to defend sustainability and green living. We also need to reduce greenhouse emissions into the atmosphere caused by man-made structures and factories so as not to harm future generations. To achieve these goals and protect our existence, it is essential for companies to make a commitment in building an environmentally friendly work space, thereby creating a healthier work environment for staff.

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