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Cigarette Butt Bin - Standard Design

Cigarette Butt Bin - Standard Design

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Eco Green Communities Cigarette Butt Bin, large enough to hold a high volume of cigarette ends. Easy to clean and to use, with large holes to insert the butt end; and clear signage that indicates it is for butt ends.

No planning permission is required. Under the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 any external alteration to a listed building requires a listed building consent from a local authority. The placement of a wall-mounted bin or receptacle on the side of such a building would be considered an alteration in this context,

Cigarette litter is England’s most common type of litter, being present on 79% of streets. Littered cigarette butts are harmful to the environment, they are time-consuming and costly to clean up.

This cigarette butt bin assists with DEFRA Preventing Cigarette Litter in England Guidelines for Local Authorities.

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