Collection: Green Waste Bags

Made from natural plant starch, our plastic-free Compostable Waste Bags are as earth-friendly as possible. These plastic-free rubbish bags are certified 100% compostable and truly biodegradable so you can feel good about eliminating non-recyclable waste just about anywhere. You can even dispose of these bags in home composting settings! These bags are good for the environment, as they can be placed in a home composting area, where they will completely decompose into the earth. Collect organic food waste while at work or at home. These bags are made from thistles and plant starch, and are available in different sizes. These compostable and biodegradable thistle waste bags are great for home, work, or school. They'll keep the environment clean and tidy as you toss your food waste on the compost heap. You'll love these waste bags because they're thick and sturdy so they can hold pretty much anything you put in them. We love that they are eco-friendly and allow moisture into organic food waste to help speed up decomposition.