Collection: Litter Picking

We have everything you need in order to successfully manage litter picking and litter collection. We've put together this extensive range of equipment, made to the highest industry standards, so you will find something to suit all situations. Whether you are managing site cleanliness at a commercial premises or schools, public space or industrial site, we have something for you. Also available is Litter Picker Kits, which include everything you need so its easy for volunteers to have an impact on our environment.' Schools, volunteers and community groups will find everything they need to get started in our litter picking kits. From litter pickers and trowels to gloves, buckets, litter collection bags and more, you'll find everything you need in our range. We also have a selection of complete litter picker and litter collection kits so its easy for everyone. Our litter picking equipment comes with everything you need – grab bags, litter grabbers, gloves, litter picker kits and more. Everything is made to the highest standards in the UK and our site cleaners have the equipment they need to collect litter with ease.