Collection: Recycled Plastic Tables

Recycled plastic tables are perfect for green spaces, parks, and businesses. They do not fade in the sun, are easily cleaned and have a classic look that draws a crowd. Each table is constructed out of 100 percent recycled plastic. This material is UV stable and will not crack or chip with time, unlike other recycled plastics. The surface of each recycled plastic table is unique, mimicking the natural patterns of wood grain due to the widely varying color distribution of each recyclable plastic bottle used to manufacture the products. Specialising in green spaces, parks, and businesses, we provide high-quality recycled tables. Various sizes and colors are available in order to fit any area. We hope you're as excited about recycled plastic furniture as we are! Recycled Plastic tables are designed for a variety of applications, including community gardens and green spaces, parks, recreational areas, and in private backyards. Recycled Plastic Tables are made in the UK out of 100% recycled plastic and offer a great alternative to wood. These tables are commonly used for parks, businesses, churches, and even homes. They are very durable and will last for many years. Our recycled plastic tables come in many shapes and different sizes so you can find the perfect one for you. The recycled plastic material provides stable, secure and long lasting seating for the kids' play area.